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>> Oath of the Dwarf Lord <<

 - Warfield Goblincleaver -
"Upon the Oathstone of Stone and Steel I, Warfield Goblincleaver, mark an oath

to lead the Stone and Steel Regiment and the founding clans of Mount Glander until my dying breath."


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>> The Longbeard Oaths <<
  Anvyl Oathspeaker-
"Upon tis ancient stone, Anvyl Oathspeaker Uzkrulisson of the Runebinder Clan, do swear this oath:

Tae mend the wounds of those that fall,
And walk the dead that never heal,
Tae reclaim the glory of the Mount Glander Hall;
So swears this Dwarf of Stone and Steel."


- Baldaran -
"Know this, sons and daughters of Stone and Steel, that with my ancestors as witness,
I Baldaran do swear upon this oathstone to uphold the honor and valor of our guild.
With the strength of Grungni I will fight to the death to avenge any dawi, reckon any grudge,
and uphold any order handed down from my thanes or lord.
May my place in the Halls of the Ancestors be forfeit and bury me 'neath this stone should I fail in this duty."


- Cherek StoneShoulders -
"My Axe, My Will, My Life, For the Clan!"


- Frang -
"I swear to protect the hold and the members within and come to the aid of any member that calls for it and if need be die doing so."


- Gunthoren -
"I, Gunthoren, stand before this clan and hereby swear by Grungni, Grimnir, and Valaya..
That I will protect, and serve this clan in all it needs.. I will not rest until all grudges are fullfilled for this clan..
This I swear by - Grungni, Grimnir, and Valaya..."


- Karli -
"I as a Minstel pledge my song to heal your wounds and minister to you in defeat,
and my shout to drive away or kill our foes. I pledge this to all my kinfolk."


- Khadric Stonebeard -
"On this oathstone, in these halls, an' before meh kin, Ah Khadric do swear:

"To protect this clan an' its hold.
To uphold our virtues an' honour.
An' to bring Glory to our name.
Fer th' Stone and Steel Ah do swear!"


- Kinin -
"I Kinin pledge my life protecting our clan from the forces of chaos."


- Kwalin -
"Ale, pipe weed, ore, sweat and blood .... ask and it will be given freely!
It is an honor to be counted among you."


- Ozgrim -
"To quote a famous dwarf, keep breathing- that's the key.
To that end my axe and shield are pledged upon this Oath Stone."


- Rerex Runestone -
"Upon the grudges of my forbearers I lay an oath upon this stone that I, Rerex of the Runestone clan,
shall to my final reckoning uphold the honor and avenge the fallen of Mt. Glander. By Grimnir,
may the grudges of Stone and Steel become my own, and by my axe, be held fulfilled."


- Rhom Bloodbeard -
"On my blood I take this oath that I will never give up - I will never leave this place. The Holds of the Dwarfs belong to us.
As long as this Dwarf breaths air, our enemies shall fall on the battlefield. From here I do not move - never - NEVER!"


- Vorlo Stonefist -
"I, Vorlo Stonefist swear my hammer, my shield, and my blood for Stone and Steel.
Never shall an ally or the helpless suffer at the hands of our enemies as long as I draw breath."




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>> The Clansman Oaths <<
  - Adlan Deepaxe -
"I, Adlan Deepaxe, swear upon this Oathstone me axe an' me life, fer Stone and Steel, until the end of me days."


  - Astridr -
"I, Astridr, swear this oath upon this oathstone:
That I will uphold the Honor and Valor of Stone and Steel by always being prepared to enter the call of battle.
I will always ensure my runes heed the call and never falter. By Valaya I swear this oath."


- Avilena -
"I, Avilena, swear upon this oathstone, to uphold the virtues of Stone and Steel from this day forward.
I pledge my loyalty and vow to help and protect me kin.
I promise to share me finest ale.
This I swear today for as long as Wilson and I live!"


  - Azani Broadbottom -
"On this Oathstone I, Azani Broadbottom, place me mark swearing to always do me very best in the service of Stone 'n Steel.
Valaya will guide me in the settlin' of grudges, healin' of my fellow dwarfs and most important in the makin' and guardin' of our ale! "


- Barundin Grudgesettler -
"I, Barundin Grudgesettler, swear on my blood and honor to uphold the oaths and grudges of the Stone and Steel.
Let my beard be shaved and my name stricken from from the honor rolls should I fail in this sacred duty."


- Bolgur Glanest -
"I Bolgur Glanest swear to Grungni, I'll be defendn' the life and honour of Stone an' Steel till my last breath!"


- Borran Steelnose -
"I, Borran Steelnose take up the call of the Stone and Steel, me oaths shall be carved in the runes I forge.
Me grudges shall be held high an' me beard hang low. Till the day I die, or a great disgrace befall me,
I shall be'a serv'n ye Stone'n Steel, least my beard fall off an' me skin turn green.
Oh, an I be swear'n an Oath that I will never stop singin' to ya', even if I loose all me teath!"


- Borrs Blackhaft -
"I do swear upon 'is Oathstone to defend me fellow brethren wit me stout shield and me sharp'n axe.
No'un shall pass while I be serv'n Stone and Steel"


- Brikk Bjornsson -
"I pledge the sum of my wealth, my years, and my skill to this:
No call, unanswered. No grudge, unsettled. No debt, unpaid."


- Broworke Bitterbeer -
"No mountain too high. No dungeon to low. No enemy too strong. No grudge too old.
I, Broworke Bitterbeer, do swear my life and steel upon this oathstone, to my brothers in Stone and Steel
 - to settle all grudges to my last breath. This pursuit of our enemies will never end."


- Brugdor Bouldershoulder -
"I Brugdor Bouldershoulder do swear to give me last breath and me last drop of blood fightin
for Stone and Steel and me Dwarven brothers. May our weapons be used with honor and justice."


- Crank Sharpshot -
"By meh ancestors! I Crank Sharpshot, pledge meh boomstick, ale, gold,
and meh beard ta lay down meh life fer Stone and Steel, valor an honor, and all o' meh kinsmen!"


- Daeghun Blackbronze -
"I, Daeghun Blackbronze, swear an Oath to Stone and Steel as Valaya, Grungni, an Grimnir
my witnesses will nay bring shame nor dishonor within these halls."


- Daghda Redgranite -
"Upon the Oathstone of Stone and Steel, I, Daghda Redgranite,
mark an oath to see many an orc die under the steel soles of dwarf boots."


- Deksar -
"All those that feel my runes shall tremble with excitement! ...Or death."


- Dergrim Goldbeard -
"Ah swear this oath upon me axe and me beard, that ah will spend me life defendin' tha
honor of Stone and Steel until ah give me last breath on tha fields of battle."


- Druak -
"I swear to stand strong in my duty to the Stone and Steel regiment."


- Drakun Stonehammer -
"I, Drakun Stonehammer, give me oath here an' now te follow th' clan with honor, courage and valor.
I nay rest 'til our grudges are stricken.So may it be upon me runestaff."


- Durri Arminsson -
"I, Durri Arminsson, son of Gerri Arminsson, vow to uphold the honor of Stone and Steel 'till my dyin' breath."


- Durok Irontoes -
"I Durok Irontoes, pledge me shield, me axe and my blood to this Oath.
As long as there be breath in me body me Axe and me Shield shall be there!
Helping settling long grudges! Brining forth glory ta' dwarf kin and Stone And Steel!"


- Egil -
"Here, upon this oathstone, I carve my rune and swear my honor, allegiance,
and blood to Stone and Steel. May mother Valaya bless me in that service."


- Fevug Oathbattler -
"This here rune is the symbol of my ancestors. By it do I swear that
I shall never hesitate to heed the call of Stone and Steel and serve even unto me death."


- Ghurni Ironhelm -
"In th' name o' Honor and Valor I, Ghurni Ironhelm, give m' oath tha' from this day forward I shall
live, fight, an' die wi' me Dwarfen brothers in th' service to Stone an' Steel.
From now until th' dyin' o' th' world, m' life, an' m' death, shall be shown in Dwarfen courage,
feared in Dwarfen vengeance, and paid in Dwarfen steel."


- Gorin Silverbeard -
"I Gorin Silverbeard pledge my body, word, and honor to uphold all the ideals of Stone and Steel.
I swear upon my ancestors to keep the guild and its ideals above all else and to wipe all wrongs from our book of grudges.
To the guild and my brothers in arms I pledge that I will uphold all these things or die trying."


- Grimsbeard Peacegiver -
"Before Grungni, Valaya, Grimnir, an the mighty Warfield I do swear this Oath on this Oath stone.
I, Grimsbeard Peacegiver, do so swear by those here now and before me ta bring Honor, Glory, an Wealth ta Stone an Steel."


- Graol Warblade -
"I, Graol Warblade, pledge my axe, my strength, my blood and the heart that pumps it to the service of Stone and Steel."


- Grimdal Foebreaker -
"I, Grimdal Foebreaker, vow ta uphold the honor and valor of my ancestors. My axe, and my life, I pledge to Stone and Steel.
To all my kin, stand behind me, for as long as I draw breath I will be stubborn as stone, and no man, beast or otherwise will move me!"


- Grimormr Brickarms -
"I, Grimormr Brickarms, swear by this Oathstone t' up'old th' Honour o' Stone n' Steel,
n' I give it me axe n' me shield t' defen' my brothers n' sisters."


- Gorm Ironhead -
"I, Gorm Ironhead, pledge my beard and my honor to the loyal service of the Stone and Steel regiment.
May our deeds resonate across the mountains and may our enemies flee before our might."


- Hanar -
"My oath is my life. Both I freely give in service. My shield for my clan.
My axe for its enemies. I will defend this family with the last of my breath."


- Hargrin Ironblood -
"I, Hargrin Ironblood, do so swear by those that came before me ta bring Honor, Glory, an Wealth ta Stone an Steel."


- Kalgar Hammerfist -
"I Calgar Hammerfist swear this oath before all my anncestors and before my brothers of Stone and Steel that
I will never rest until all our grudges old and new are cleared, I also swear that my axe will always be ready for battle
 when de time comes and that I am honored to be amongst your ranks
 and I will never stop upholding the Honor and Valor that is Stone and Steel."


- Karnor Runeforge -
"I Karnor Runeforge do swear that never shall a brother or sister of Stone and Steel fall on the battle field while I still draw breath,
or have any strength to cast me runes, and may Grimnir give me strength to make it so. "


- Karthor Ironbeard -
"I, Karthor Ironbeard, pledge my axe, my shield, and my strength to Stone and Steel.
And I hereby swear upon this oathstone to uphold the tennants of this mighty hold
and vow to never rest until all oaths are fulfilled, all grudges are settled,
and all grobi are purged from Karak Eight Peaks."


- Keldo Swillswigger -
"Ah swear by the honor of all the fine beardlins what came afore me t'uphold the glory o' the Stone 'n Steel.
 Ah will fore'er be thar t'raise me fists or mug o' ale fer the glory o' the Stone 'n Steel!"


- Kemmi -
"I, Kemmi, do pledge my life, my will, and any runes I know an may learn will be for tha settlin of all grudges done
to my clanmates of Stone and Steel. Your grudges are now my own. May victory over chaos one day be ours,
and the ale always flow freely!"


- Kildrin Smokeforge -
"I, Kildrin Smokeforge, vow to stand by the dwarfs of Stone and Steel till the end of my time and beyond.
 I will continue to put forth all of my energy to serve and protect the current and future members of the hold and will fight with all of my power
against the enemies of our kind. Every rune I strike from hence forth with be forged with an increased fervor
backed by the pride of being in the greatest compilation of our fine elder race, Stone and Steel."


- Korath Runekeeper -
"I, Korath Runekeeper, swear ma staff, ma body, ma blood to Stone and Steel.
I swear that my offspring and my family will always honor this hold. Never shall an ally or
the helpless suffer at the hands of our enemies as long as I draw breath."


- Kromden Steelstorm -
"I, Kromden Steelstorm, do hereby make solemn oath to uphold the tenets and traditions
of the Stone and Steel Regiment with the utmost honor, courage, and valor.
Me axe shall lay low the foes of Stone and Steel until it is laid to rest with me bones."


- Krumm -
"I Krumm, vow upon this sacred stone to always have my actions
show honor to the guild and the history in its name. To crush its enemies and reclaim what is rightfully ours.

May the stone never weather and the steel never rust"


- Lauraan -
"I, Lauraan, daughter of a drunken potato farmer, whom shall remain nameless because he said ah would never amount ta anything...


Err... <cough> sorry.

I vow..
Vow that while ther is breath in me body, that no wrong shall be done to ye, my kin , my family.
That I will defend our honor,
That no vile deed, no injustice, nae ah stubbed toe... will go unpunished.
This ah vow, by axe, by sword, or even large rock."


- Makku Karaduum -
"Lord Warfield. Brothers and Sisters of the Stone & Steel. I, Makku Karaduum,
 do swear my loyalty to the Stone & Steel, both on the battlefields and in the taverns!
I swear to use my powers of death to shed light on our clan!"


- Nalokk Ironshield -
"I, Nalokk Ironshield, vow to always raise my shield to protect those who are too weak to raise their own.
Today, I give my shield to Stone and Steel. "


- Njolfinhaus Stonesplitter -
"I, Njolfinhaus Stonesplitter, swear an Oath to honor Stone and Steel as I've honored me own family.
To settle the grudges laid down as if they were me own. To uphold any Oath set by Stone and Steel.
As me axe is sharp and me sheild is strong I will nay bring dishonor to the clan."


- Numli Tunneltapper -
"I Numli Tunneltapper do swear to uphold the honour of Stone an' Steel, to treat its grudges as my own,
and to fight to protect the hold and my clansmen so long as steel is strong and my beard is long!"


- Nur Grimbelly -
""I put me mark on the Oathstone to swear loyalty and life to Stone and Steel.
I will honor the regiment in all that I do, and will give me runes, me blood and me life to further it's cause." "


- Olfri Ironhand -
"I, Olfri swear upon me beard and me life to attain and uphold
the full duties of a clansman within Stone and Steel."


- Orek Stoutlager -
"I Orek Stoutlager do swear with me life to never retreat, never surrender and never falter
 before my brothers to uphold the beliefs of Stone and Steel, never resting until our grudges have been cleared
and killing many greenies in the process."


- Ozardinn Bloodaxe -
"I, Ozardinn Bloodaxe, swear an oath to settle the grudges of Stone and Steel
and bring honour to my ancestors and those who have sworn before me."


- Rangore -
"I swear upon this Oathstone that I will uphold the standards of Stone and Steel,
and I will fight strong to protect it's halls, banner, and all Dwarven lands. "


- Rason Runebender -
"I, Rason Runebender, swear on this here oathstone to protect me fellow
Stone and Steel dwarves till all debts be paid, all grudges be settled, an me last breath be taken.
Nay will Lord Warfield's helmet fall in battle lest me staff fall first."


- Ruryk Wolfhammer -
"Ruryk, who bears the blood of Lord Kjandoz thane of clan Wolfhammer,
I swear my oath of loyalty to Stone and Steel. May my hammer smite thier foes.
May my shield guard thier lands. May my craft bring them joy.
Until the blood runs cold in my veins this oath will be held. Honor and Valor."


- Skuti -
"I hearby pledge and dutifully swear
my service and Oath I rightfully bear

Many lonely years I have ventured and roamed
and finally feel like I have found a home

and so I take my place among this stout throng
writing down grudges of those done us wrong

Stone and Steel grows mighty as our enemies will know
as they hear us cry out 'Honor and Valor from Below!' "


- Sordok Blacktooth -
"I, Sordok Blacktooth, do pledge mah Runes, mah staff, and…hrmm..me tooth ta Stone and Steel. I pledge ta heal ya if yer hurtin' and rez ya if yer dead.
Jus' don't make habit outta dyin', we got lotsa ugliest ta kill. Oh yeah and grudges, Ahm gonna make sure we collect on dem too.
Ya got me until Ahm dead and gone, but Ahm gonna leave ya me tooth jus' in case ya need it."


- Thaninna Stoutlager -
"I Thaninna Stoutlager do swear upon the Oathstone to always use me Runes
to uphold the values of Stone and Steel an kill many greenies until there be no breath left in me."


- Thazi Battleseeker -
"I, Thazi Battleseeker, mark an oath to heed the war cries of Stone & Steel wherever able, to uphold its virtues,
and to hunt its enemies unto the ends of the earth, or until the Ancestors call me."


- Thorbin Hillseeker -
"I, Thorbin Hillseeker, swear upon this Oathstone and the gods themselves tha' I will put down eny enemy of Stone and Steel.


- Thundore -
"Let et be known on th's day and upon th's here sacred Oath Stone, th't I, Thundor,
do willingly make me marked Oath tae Stone an' Steel, an' pledge me loyalty an' services as a trained Rifleman, Snipa' an' Scout
fer th' protection o' its Clansmen, Lord, an' sacred Holds, from th's moment until end o' me mortal days."


- Toli Dazgleson -
"Standin' on the Oathstone of Stone and Steal I Toli Dazgleson swear me Axe and me loyalty!
 I accept the clans grudges as me own and I will nay rest until we purge the grobi scum from our lands!
The stone runes of shame hangin' 'bout me neck grow heavier with each hour the grobi have Karak Eight Peaks.
I swear I will nay rest until our keeps are taken back 'n restored to their former glory.
I swear upon this Oathstone I will earn me right o sit at Grimnirs table
and tell them the story o' how we retook Karak Eight Peaks!"


- Tharik Eisenkrieg -
"I, Tharik Eisenkrieg, swear upon the Oathstone of Stone and Steel ta' always uphold the virtues of the Regiment,
and ta' always help my fellow dwarfs do the same. Honor and Valor from below!!"


- Thornin Lorewarden -
"I, Thornin Lorewarden, swear upon this Oathstone that, until me very last breath, will bring the blessings and wisdom of our
Ancestors to make sure the Stone and Steel regiment will vanquish the greenskins out of our lands. "


- Uldrick Ironblaster -
"I, Uldrick Ironblaster, Swear an oath to fight for and defend The stone and Steel clan and his member.
My shield will be a barrier to those trying to attack us! "


- Ulgrin OrcBane -
"I Ulgrin OrcBane lay my Oath upon this Stone.
 As long as there is Breath in my lungs and blood in my veins I will protect
My Lord, My Keepand My Clan, may their Grudges be my Grudges and their Enemies be My Enemies.
May my Arms never Fail or My Axe never Dull untill all our enemies lay Dead at our Feet.
This I Swear!"


 - Valadin Anvilglow -
"I, Valdin Anvilglow, do pledge upon this oathstone that mah life and mah honor be forever tied to that o' Stone an' Steel.
If ever I falter, may the hair of mah beard be shorn from meh face."


 - Varking Runesong -
"I, Varking Runesong, am honored at the chance to prove my worth time an' time again on the battlefield.
I swear upon this Oathstone that the grudge against the grobi will never be settled and my dedication to Stone and Steel will prove unwaverin'!
Hammers high and tankards full, lads! There be some debts to pay in this Age of Reckoning!"


 - Wargan Battlehammer -
"This be me promise to be the first to join battle an the last to hold while there still be Ale an Blood in these veins,
to lend me shield in the defense of me bretherin’ an uphold the honor of Stone and Steel where ever I be."


 - Zamnil Blackaxe -
"Upon this Oathstone I, Zamnil Blackaxe, swear fealty to Lord Warfield Goblincleaver and service to the Stone and Steel regiment,
To honour our values and to take back Karak Eight Peaks. All this I swear on my life and honour, may the Ancestors bless and guide me."


 - Zamus Solace -
"I, Zamus Solace, swear upon this Oathstone to serve my fellow Dwarves of Stone and Steel until my dying breath."


 - Zarukhad Goldseeker -
"I Zarukhad, do pledge me life, ale, honor, gold, and loyalty to Stone and Steel."


 - Zostille Grumblegut -
"Oi, Zostille Grumblegut from th' depths of Karak Izul, forge th' greatest oath of all me winters over this 'ere stone.
T' up'old valor an' 'onor! Stone 'n steel 'til me dying breaf!"









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