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02/24/11: Character Information
05/01/07: Appearance
05/01/07: Weapons and Armor
05/01/07: Notes (specific gear, runes, attributes, or information)
05/01/07: Brief History

"Hold it right there, skruff! Only those who are clansmen or higher rank in Stone an' Steel may pass this point. Hmm... ye sure dun look like much to me. Very well, fill out this form, a response will be sent within two days from yer submission. An' if ya haven't messed up, the Thanes and Dwarf Lord will have yer information posted in the Barracks fer all to see."

- Hammerer Anathur of Mount Glander 




 >> Character Information <<
Character's First Name:
Character's Clan Name or Epithet:
Tradeskill 1: 
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Tradeskill 3: 
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 >> Appearance <<
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Age: (30 - 500): (Hints)
Height: (3'5" - 5'7"):
Weight: (100lbs - 300lbs):
Beard Style: (Hints)
Hair Style: (Hints)

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 >> Weapons and Armor <<
Armor Type: (None, Light, Medium, Heavy)
Preferred Weapon Type: (1h/2h) (Axe/Hammer)
Shield: (yes / no) (Type)

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 >> Notes (to include any specific gear, runes, attributes, or information about your character) <<


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 >> Brief History <<


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