Clansman Khazull Mistwalker, The Story Teller  

Rank: Clansman
Class: Rogue
Tradeskill: None
Guilded: Mar. 2001

Description Achievement Points Titles
Duration of Membership: 365 / 365 "The Venerable"
Adventuring Skill: 39 / 55 "The Champion"
Crafting Skill: 0 / 55 "The Masterful"
Diplomacy Skill: 0 / 55 "The Perceptive"
Dwarves or Gnomes Recruited: 0 / 5 "The Motivator"
Events Lead: 1 /10 "The Warlord"
Dungeons  11 / 25 "The Spelunker"
Meetings Attended: 2 / 10 "The Loyal"
Duels Completed: 0 / 5 "The Stout"
Harvesting Events Attended: 0 / 5 "The Hoarder"
Roleplaying Events Attended: 0 / 5 "The Noble"
Grudges Settled: 1 / 10 "The Grudge Bearer"
Rare Monsters Slain: 1 / 10 "The Slayer"
Stories, Videos or News Items: 5 / 5 "The Story Teller"
Homes Built: 0 / 1 "The Hearthstone"
Months Paid for the Website:  0 / 12 "The Care Taker"
Items Donated: 2 / 30 "The Treasure Hunter"
Resources Donated: 0 / 200 "The Resourceful"
Gold Donated: 0 / 50 "The Generous"

Character Biography


Hair Color: Grey/white
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 106 years
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 178 lbs.
Build: Slender
Beard Style: Full beard trimmed at a foot long. Matching length moustache braided and tied off with leather twine
Hair Style: Bald

Armor Type: Medium - Boiled leathers
Preferred Weapon Type: Dual Daggers
Shield: none

Notes (to include any specific gear, runes, attributes, or information):

Having been afflicted with a childhood ailment which left him smaller than others in his village, Khazull worked to be as productive as any other Dwarf, though through means more apt his bearing. Rather than bringing down a deer by bow or axe which require a strength he does not possess, he learned stealth and the secrets of a dagger. When engaged by a Bear's frontal assault, he would counter attack using the bears leverage against him. By adolescence, Khazull became so skilled at the silent approach and take down, villagers began calling him The Miststalker.

While Khazull's village gave him a grudging respect due his skill, because his means were so unusual a tension was always in the air.

Come adulthood, Khazull chose to break the tension by striking out on his own. Leaving his family name behind and taking Miststalker, a label of derision by the village, as his new name with pride.

Thus Khazull Miststalker comes to Mount Glander. An unusual specimen, but skilled. Looking for a home to fit into.


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